Educational Blogs

Kids with a View is a colourful blog presented by a Year 3 boys class at Point View School, Auckland, New Zealand. Updated regularly the class teacher, the blog shows a nice range of digital technologies being used to engage learning, such as Prezi presentations, YouTube videos, Google Drive Forms, photos and videos of classroom activities. The site has an active community, attracting lots of comments in interest on their posts. As well as comments, the site allows visitors to choose the reaction to the blog post e.g. ‘like’, ‘funny’,’ interesting’ or ‘cool’, adding a further interactive quality to the blog which students can easily engage. It also provides links to interactive games across all KLAs.

 Techie Kids | Inspiration, Imagination, Innovation!
This blog from “27 awesome, funny, amazing” Year 5 students in Michigan, USA at has a real focus on engaging the global community. Through functions on their blog such as world time, Google Earth and Translator, clustr maps and flag counters, the blog works to communicate with students all over the world to share and discuss similarities and differences between countries, life and learning experiences. A number of other interesting apps (snapguide, vimeo) are used to present ‘how to’ guides created by students, for students in a range of topics useful and interesting to children.


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